Join the SURGE Army and prepare for an NFT social world with tons of unique new features! The fearsome war is calling for you to pick a side. Get your warriors, wizards and helpers now! Choose your cat or dog side, or play both, each a unique playing experience! Become a member of the community where each SURGER NFT works as a membership with more benefits and utility that will increase over time. Enjoy the most variable NFTs on the market with more than 2500 layers, 130 accessories and more than a hundred body traits!


Mint Your Surgers

Enter the amount of Surgers
you would like to mint.

Price per Surgers

0.2 BNB Each

0 / 10000 minted


0.2 BNB


SURGERs will be used in an upcoming P2E NFT Game, giving owners full SURGER ownership and commercial usage rights. Multiple NFTs provide a wide range of utility, use cases and exclusive content. Owning at least one cat and at least one dog will allow you to experience two different gameplay styles in the upcoming NFT game, and due to different characteristics, adopting multiple SURGERs is recommended. In adition, owning a squad of 5 cats or 5 dogs will unlock an important aspect later in the game.


SURGERs will actively burn SURGE and SHIB! The amount (in BNB) of SURGERs sold will directly translate to the amount of token burns in BNB. That's a lot of burned tokens!


There are multiple reasons to own SURGERs. One, you will need them to play an upcoming NFT game. Two, these are SURGE INUs NFTs, and owning them raises in value as the coin value increases. There will be exclusive content accesible only to SURGER NFT owners.Third, these NFTs are one of the most detailed art NFTs on the market, and hold value due to their huge variety.

You can find the step-by-step buy guide in the top navigation bar of the website. Direct link here:

Please follow the buy guide linked in the top navigation bar to see how to buy and to learn a couple tricks you can try if you have trouble minting. If you still can't buy, you can send us BNB directly and we will mint your surgers for you. To do so, contact @Weefsat on Telegram (be very careful to check the @ to be an exact match to avoid falling prey to scammers pretending to be the devs. On Telegram, only @ is truly unique).

Only the first NFT you buy will be displayed to you with an animation sequence. This is due to loading speed, logistics and simplicity. To see all your SURGERs, visit Tofu NFT website - you can find the link in the top navigation bar of the website.

You will be able to see the NFT in your wallet as soon as you purchase it. To see the artwork of your NFT, connect your wallet to TOFU NFT marketplace (, where you can also trade your NFT with others.

Metamask extension unfortunately doesn't support displaying and transfering NFTs. You can either use a mobile wallet that supports it (including Metamask mobile), use another wallet or see your NFTs on TofuNFT.

Total supply of the NFTs is 10000. To see the number of NFTs that are still available, see the dynamic number under the title in the mint chapter above.

SURGER price depends on how many NFTs have been sold. The first 6000 cost 0.2 BNB each, then the price increases to 0.4 BNB for Surgers 6001 to 9900. The last 100 NFTs, 9901 to 10000 will be more expensive, 10 BNB.

SURGER NFTs are on Binance network and can be bought with BNB.

The maximum limit is 75 NFTs per wallet.

There is a rare, known bug caused when many people buy SURGERS within the same second, which causes them to see the same SURGER animation. This is because a minted value takes a second to update after each purchase.