Rocket Surge!

About Surge Inu

Developed by Shiba Inu fans, Surge Inu is an ecosystem cryptocurrency that is going to change the memecoin space forever! $SURGE puts the community first, that's why it heavily rewards holders and early investors. It's a new token in the crypto space with an honest team & a wide array of utility products in development.


Unfortunately, due to the project being on hold, Surger minting is currently not possible. Our 10000 NFTs make holders excited with a huge variety of colors, traits and assets, making each one truly unique! We are working on giving our NFTs a wide randge of benefits, from providing a social club to the holders to NFT gaming utility.

Rocket Surge!

Get Rewarded For Holding!

We $SURGE members love coin burns & holders rewards. 6% of every transaction is redistributed to all holders making your investement $SURGE, while you're doing nothing! Part of the 6% redistribution also transfers to our huge burn wallet, making $SURGE naturally deflationary.

  • Passive income

  • Deflationary

  • Rewards holders

Major Coin Burn!

We are burning 55% of our coin supply at launch. To make our older brother Shiba Inu $SURGE as well, we are buying and burning both $SHIB and $SURGE at any major market cap milestone! Every BURN decreases the supply and makes the price $SURGE.

  • 55% BURNed at start!
  • 40% given to Holders!
  • 5% Team Wallet!

Rocket Surge!

How To Buy Surge Inu

You can buy $SURGE on PancakeSwap! Follow the BUY $SURGE link on top of the page.

  • 1. Create a Metamask Wallet.

  • 2. Send BNB to your wallet.

  • 3. Connect your wallet to PancakeSwap.

  • 4. Swap BNB for Surge Inu.



Phase 1

  • Website creation

  • Social media account creation

  • Contract deployment

  • Presale & Private sale

  • Aggresive marketing push

  • Various token site listings

  • Litepaper release

  • 1000 holders

Phase 2

  • Public sale

  • Team & marketing expansion

  • NFT development start

  • Special Edition NFT

  • Game development start

  • Social media expansion

  • Discord server created

  • 10000 holders

Phase 3

  • 10000 Unique NFTs released

  • Major SURGE burn

  • Shiba Inu burn

  • Audit

  • Aggressive influencer marketing push

  • First NFT game update

Phase 4

  • SECRET plan!

  • Exclusive partnerships

  • CEX listings

  • ShibaSwap listing

  • Major NFT game sneak peek

  • NFT game release

  • SURGEpad launch

Frequently Asked questions

Everything you need to know about Surge Inu.

Why was Surge Inu token created?

$SURGE was created by an exceptional crypto team to change the Shiba cryptocurrency space forever. It was created on the principle of utility, development and honesty.

How can I buy Surge Inu?

Surge Inu is a BEP20 token. It has been launched on PancakeSwap. To make a purchase, visit SurgeInu PancakeSwap.

What exchanges are we listed on? Is Surge Inu coming to more exchanges?

Surge Inu will get listed on PancakeSwap. It will soon be listed on many more exchanges, including it's own exchange. You can currently buy Surge through our private sale.

Does Surge Inu have a marketing plan?

Surge Inu has multiple team members experienced with marketing. It has an aggresive marketing strategy, ranging from influencers to social media posts. Surge Inu will also be hiring new team members to extend the current project.

What is the purpose of $SURGE?

The token is changing the Shiba cryptocurrency space as we know it. Currently, there are a lot of rugpulls, scams or projects not getting any development. Surge Inu is looking to change this by doing what Shiba Inu did, improving meme coins through utility and constant growth, providing returns to holders.

How many team members does the Surge Inu Project have?

Currently we have 4 team members working on the project, ranging from digital marketing executives, developers and financial managers to social media influencers and designers. We will be expanding with more members in the near future.

What are your plans for Surge Inu Token?

The project is fully decentralized, with the team taking the lead on development. Surge Token is aiming for a full ecosystem for Shiba & memetokens. We are building a launchpad, DEX and much more to be revealed soon. Surge Inu is here to stay indefinitely.

How does the token work & why should I HOLD Surge Inu?

Surge Inu is a deflationary token constantly rewarding those who HOLD. With the token's 6% redistribution tax for all buys & sells, every holder regardless of their wallet size is rewarded for holding their tokens.

What is so special about Surge?

From innovative buy-backs from the team, constant development, increasing token burn to the best marketing campaign in the SHIB token space, the token is set to explode in value.

How many tokens were burned at the start?

55% of tokens were burned at start, with the token burn increasing with every transaction. This further reduces the supply, while increasing the demand for the token.

Is $SURGE a BEP-20 or ERC-20 Token?

Surge is currently BEP-20 only.